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Jake O'Kane 'Nobody Shouted Stop'

The Great Hall, Downshire Estate, Downpatrick

Sat 16 February 2019 Sat 16 February 2019

Jake O


David Hull Promotions presents Jake O'Kane 'Nobody Shouted Stop'


Five years of politics, five years of scandals, five years of elections, five years of births, deaths and marriages and FIVE YEARS of SOLD OUT THEATRE TOURS AND SHOWS for Jake O'Kane!

Jake's shows have become a tradition and boy do we love a tradition!

Jake's shows are political satire at its sharpest, with Jake there is no divide, from playing sold out shows at the West Belfast Feile to the Shankill Road's Spectrum Centre, he has the rare talent to cross all political and religious partitions taking an honest, critical and very funny look at life on both sides!

In his new show 'Nobody Shouted Stop', Jake will be casting his caustic, comedy eye on the good, the bad and the very very ugly. If you've been before you will want to come again. If you haven't seen Jake O'Kane live then the advice is to book early to see who everyone is talking about.

Once again Jake will be joined by Terry McHugh, one of Ireland's finest young comedy talents.

Show contains adult reference for 16+ only.

DATE: Saturday 16th February 2019

TIME: 8pm

VENUE: The Great Hall, Downshire Estate Downpatrick

PRICE: £22.50