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Pink & Blue

Down Arts Centre

Sat 19 October 2019 Sat 19 October 2019

Pink & Blue

Boys wear blue and girls wear pink. Or can they wear both? Is it true that girls and boys are so different?

Two clowns explore all these questions and play with what it means to be a boy or a girl...or maybe both...or maybe neither!

With silliness and fun, this show aims to find out if we can all be who we want to be and accept others as they are too!

Directed by Gemma Mae Halligan with Jennifer Jordan and Jude Quinn playing the Pink and Blue clowns.

This is a non-verbal show and features the music of Neil Foster.

Suitable for ages 4+

Pink & Blue is suitable for school groups as well as children with disabilities. The clowns are funny, engaging and full of innocence - perfect for gently exploring the idea of gender roles. 

DATE: Saturday 19 October 2019

TIME: 12noon

PRICE: £5 

VENUE: Down Arts Centre