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19 February 2020

Silver Jewellery Making Workshop

Down Arts Centre

Tue 21 January 2020 Tue 14 April 2020

Silver Jewellery Making Workshop

Suitable for beginners with no previous jewellery experience. An exciting course to include a traditional and contemporary approach to  jewellery making and design.

You will be guided through the basics of annealing, cutting, soldering, doming, texturing and the use of safe enamelling to build towards a little jewellery collection.  You will be introduced to a range of workshop equipment to include, mandrills, texturing and shaping hammers, doming punches, files and the rolling mill.


Course tutor: Karen Daye-Hutchinson owner of ‘Ghost & Bonesetter’ jewellery.  A multi-medium artist who exhibits nationally and internationally and winner of many awards and commissions. Materials and Tools: Basic materials including copper sheet and wire will be given as part of the class. Individuals may wish to purchase precious metal, stones, etc. as you go along. The price of these can be discussed and advised individually with your tutor.  If you have some jewellery making hand tools you can bring them along.


Date:            Tuesday 21 January for 12 weeks

Time:             7pm – 9pm

Price:            Tuesday £90 /£85 concession

Venue:           Down Arts Centre

Tutor:            Karen Daye – Hutchinson