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My Watercolour Life

Down Arts Centre

Wed 30 October 2019 Sat 23 November 2019

My Watercolour Life

Newcastle based artist Shaw Harper working entirely in watercolour from his purpose-built studio in the foot of the Mourne Mountains, he is constantly trying to achieve a sense of atmosphere in his paintings primarily through the use of light and shade.


As Shaw explains, “Watercolour is a particularly difficult medium to work in. Unlike oil or acrylics, it’s unforgiving, and once you make a mistake, there is no way back. Still, it’s a wonderfully transparent medium, and the enjoyment for me is constantly learning to master it".

“Painting is very easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”. Edgar Degas.

Date:               Wednesday 30 October  - Saturday 23 November

Time:              During Centre opening hours

Price:               Free

Venue:            Down Arts Centre

Artist:             Shaw Harper