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Outsider Artist

Down Arts Centre

Thu 09 January 2020 Sat 01 February 2020

Outsider Artist

An exhibition of work by Simon Bradley

Painting is something that I've always felt I wanted to do.  For me it's a meditation and release, a way of escaping from everyday life.  When focused on creating it feels natural and the work is made quickly whilst delving deeper into the intuitive aspects of art.  As I paint time will pass by in a flash without me noticing.

My method usually begins with abstract mark making, either in my sketch book or painting directly onto the canvas.  Rather than making purely premeditated composition I seek images and ideas that are intuitively generated from abstractions.  I've developed an energetic, explorative and risk-taking way to create which is fast, fun and free.  I am excited by spontaneity during the painting process.  I mainly use acrylic paints as this medium dries rapidily and be used with acrylic gel medium for collage, built upp in layers or scrapped away when wet and rubbed off with water.  Occasionally I later us isopropyl alcohol to reveal surprises and aspects the previously dried under payers.

I enjoy the interplay of abstraction and realism to communicate a story or idea.  By using expressively charged brush strikes, colour, tone and texture I allow the painting to flow and lead the way to finished composition.


Date:         Friday 10 January - Saturday 1 February

Time:        During Centre opening hours

Price:        Free

Venue:      Down Arts Centre

Artist:       Simon Bradley