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Conversations with Angels

Down Arts Centre

Sat 23 May 2020 Sat 23 May 2020

Conversations with Angels

Brassneck Theatre Company present 'Conversations with Angels' by Maria Connelly. 

Thousands have turned up in Belfast for a chance to meet the world famous Angel Medium, Tori Adams. The faithful flock firmly believe that they are all guided through life's struggles by their very own guardian angels.

By meeting Tori today, they hope to get to speak to these angels and if they're really lucky, maybe even get a wee message back from them.

From the theatre company that brought you 'The Holy Holy Bus', 'Man in the Moon' and 'A Night with George' - 'Conversations with Angels' is an hilarious, uplifting and ultimately inspiring new play which will leave you with a feeling of being that bit closer to the angels. 

DATE: Saturday 23 May 2020

TIME: 8pm (bar available from 7pm)

PRICE: £17 / £15 concession

VENUE: Down Arts Centre

PRESENTED BY: Brassneck Theatre Company