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Down Arts Centre

As always, our Sunday session offers a welcoming space to share your work - poem, story, song or the work of a favourite poet or author.

26 April 2020

Down Arts Centre

Brassneck Theatre Company present 'Conversations with Angels' by Maria Connelly. 

23 May 2020

Down Arts Centre

Winner of Lustrum Award at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2020 for Best Theatrical Moment.

This thoughtful production explores the painful and humorous realities faced by the individuals who patrolled the Irish border during the height of The Conflict. 

29 May 2020

Down Arts Centre

'Both Sides' by Jane Coyle, directed by Rhiann Jeffrey

'Both Sides' comprises two interlocking monologues, 'Me Here', 'Me & Before Before'. They are set in Paris and Nice respectively and are inspired by the works of Samuel Beckett. 

06 June 2020

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