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Valerie Giannandrea McKeag

Down Arts Centre

Fri 10 April 2020 Sat 02 May 2020

Valerie Giannandrea McKeag

New exhibition of works by Valerie Giannandrea McKeag

"In 2017 I travelled around the stunning land and coastline of Northern Ireland creating paintings for a solo show and noticed many buildings from different primary industries (quarries, textile and wood mills) as well as derelict farm buildings and equipment and decided this would be my next project.  Often times, I would be interrupted by locals who would tell me about the building and surroundings and I came to understand how much these industries had been at the centre of local communities.

Date:      Friday 10 April - Saturday 2 May

Time:      During Centre opening hours

Price:      Free

Venue:    Down Arts Centre

Artists:    Valerie Giannandrea McKeag